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Our areas of specialization and experience include: roads & transport infrastructure development, bulk civil earthworks, dam construction, structural design and construction, sewer reticulation, water systems, storm water drainage systems, canal design and construction as well as irrigation developments. 

Road infrastructure construction

We are specialist in the design & construction of road transport infrastructure & supporting facilities

Construction of civil structures

Provision of storm water drainage channels - we design & construct storm water canals & drains to ensure the proper channeling of water to protect other civil structures from flood damage & unwanted water stagnation.

Dam construction

Dam & retaining wall construction. We offer a wide range of geotechnical, geophysical and geo environmental methods that provide for the stability of slopes & the retention of water in suitable reservoirs. We have a high level of expertise in earth & concrete dams as well as weirs.

Sewer and water reticulation

We have extensive experience in bulk water infrastructure construction for water, wastewater, irrigation, hydropower, and stormwater management.

Plant hire

We possess suitable & efficient plants that can be always available for hire and pairing them with the finest support from a devoted team. Our goal is to provide you with the best machines and support at the most affordable rates.

Residential and industrial civil engineering services

Rodcroft delivers efficient, cost-effective planning and engineering services to help our clients create locations that fulfill their functional, aesthetic, and environmental objectives.

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